Hello and welcome to the official pixel-trade tumblr! Tumblr will be used to broaden our horizons and get more simmers to know about Pixel Trade. Pixel Trade is for both Sims 2 and Sims 3 players who want some more variety in their neighbourhoods. If you want some unique sims, Pixel Trade is the place to go to! 

There will be weekly updates for sims download posts and legacy posts. TS3 will update on tuesday, TS2 on friday. News and announcements will of course also be posted here, as well as (monthly) events like the Founder Submissions. Also, if you have any event ideas or proposals, or any questions, you can now send in an ask easily without needing to be a member of LiveJournal. Hope to see you back on Pixel Trade! 

- Voleste and Simsforaranya

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